Instagram Addict [infographic]

May 15, 2012 |  by  |  Internet, Lifestyle, Tech

This infographic might as well be “how to spot any one of my friends who happen to all be instragram junkies.” Instagram is my favorite iPhone (and now android I suppose) app. It turns any average joe, like myself, into a fake photographer. While instagram talent isn’t something to marvel too hard at, it is a fun, creative way to share your life in pictures.

I know many people who constantly keep their phone at eye level, take far to many pictures of meals, pets and nature, and I know I have definitely ran into a car or a wall while taking a photo. Does this mean we are all photographer wanna be’s? I think not (at least in my case). My pictures are far from professional, as I am not a professional. But peaks inside other people’s lives are always amusing, so if you want a peak follow me @chelseykilzer ! [Via]

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