How the Internet is Killing the Planet [infographic]

April 26, 2011 |  by  |  Environmental

We all use the internet. Is that too obvious? Well guess what, you are ruining the world you live on every time you make a google search. Does the power of the internet as a communication tool out-weigh the amount of CO2 released by us constantly using the internet?

I would think so. They say knowledge is power and the internet is pure information. Facebook has easily helped thousands of people get together and help the environment. Google maps also helps with public transportation. There is now the option to show me what bus to take, the time to be at the bus stop and also where and when to get off. Wikipedia’s reliability may be joked about, but it has proved to be just as accurate as the Encyclopedia Britannica.

I believe that without the internet our society would not have taken the steps it has on global warming. We have 100% electric cars, almost every fortune 500 company has donated some money or has marketed their product to appeal to the environmentally friendly. I think we’re on the right track, we just can’t stop now. [Via]


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  • Shilo Tobin

    You would think for a public document they could spell cheeseburger correctly…

    • Gobbles

      You would think being on the internet and realizing there’s a cat in the picture would alert you to the fact that it is referring to the “i can haz cheezburger” cat meme.

  • Dj_bhoi

    RTcause we are using internet

  • Chevy12

    sounds like someone doesnt have internet ..hmmmmmm……..this is funny because since man discovered damn oil and coal first to make heat…… all the damn planes and shuttles punching holes in the ozone layer…somehow i think internet use isnt that bad .. no insults meant……but was saying and all the damn ships and wars going …. and man playing with viruses and trying to discover all kinds of new threats to the human race……………… and damn nuclear accidents happening we havent heard about ……. I think the internet isnt hurting anything more than man has over the last hundred years ….

  • Brian Fløe

    Elite-ish propaganda, sorry, nothing to see here folks.

  • Silvie

    hei! what programmes are used to make this wonderful charts/graphs?

  • Creativeperformancelab

    What are the alternatives?