Is Online Dating Worth It? [infographic]

March 26, 2012 |  by  |  Business, Lifestyle

Today’s infographic is an interesting one The Truth About Online Dating and the Business of Love as implied by the title looks at online dating and its truth worth. It turns out people like to lie and online dating profiles are no exception. On average women claim to be 8.5 pounds lighter and have profile pictures about 1.5 years old. Men on average claim to be 2 pounds lighter and use profile pictures taken about 6 months ago. People’s need to find a significant other has turned out to quite profitable for online dating sites.

Even though people lie on their profile pages the amount of people using or visiting online dating sites has doubled in the past five years. Today’s infographic claims couples who meet via an online dating site are much quicker to get to the alter, dating an average of 18.5 months before getting married. Where as couples who met in the “real world” take about 42 months to get married. Makes me wonder what the personality differences are between people meeting online and in the real world.

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Online Dating

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  • Gnelson

    What about OKCupid? That’s not even on here!

  • Naso Livisi

    What about ?

  • Jameydelta

    My bro is married to a chick he met online. Not sure which website. I think it is a real opportunity and a real place to find a date. Hell, better than a drunken club.

  • Don

    so many people lie on dating sites.. why even bother. just go out and meet people in real life. i did so much better at bars/clubs then I would online. , i wrote about my experiences from online dating to actual real dating

  • Kvr Inviteu2

    I don’t think so.Online dating is the process of meeting new people making new friends.

  • Meeeup

    We have recently launched – a site that connects you with your single friends of friends. Let us know what you think!

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