Lingerie Talk [infographic]

April 10, 2012 |  by  |  Lifestyle

So every girl has to wear lingerie. Whether it be a target bra and hanes panties or fancy La Perla bra and pantie sets, every girl has to have some under garmets. Some say the outfit starts with the under garmets, and looking your best starts underneath. This helpful infographic gives us a little inside scoop on the facts about lingerie.

The first few statistics are a bit predictable. The majority of people find lingerie very important (including myself), as opposed to not important at all. And 21-30 year olds care the most about lingerie, coming in at just about half.

Where this gets interesting is reading about what your lingerie says about you. Those black bra wearing women are said to be clean, strong and powerful. White wearers are loving, in touch with their emotions and natural beauties. Red wearers are bold, passionate and dramatic and blue wearers are romantic and artsy. Any of you female infographers notice any of these trends? I think I just pick pretty pieces, regardless of color, but I can see each stereotype playing out. Via

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  • GeorgeMacfleur

    I think you mean ” 20″.

  • CummingsEddie

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  • Gallifreya

    So my favourite bra is neon green with blue polka dots on the lining. What the hell does this say about me?