Living in Heels [infographic]

June 5, 2012 |  by  |  Lifestyle

As a post graduate (EEK!) I have been thinking hard about what to do, where to go and who to become. I definitely plan on staying in Austin, TX, as it is perfect in so many ways, but I can’t help but day dream about moving myself and all of my belongings away. While there are many adequate cities in our country, making an informed moving decision is imperative, as all cities are not created equally. Today’s infographic highlights the best and worst cities for women, based on a Human Development Scale which measures factors ranging from available education, income and health.

San Fransisco and Washington DC. top the charts, having high female income levels, plenty of available education and females who live happily and healthily. The cost of living is high for both of those cities, but many would say that the pros outweigh the cons. Cities that rank poorly in the survey include San Antonio, Texas, which neighbors Austin, and Riverside-San Bernardino, CA, which I know nothing about. Daily Infographers, have you lived in either the top or bottom ranked cities? Females, do you have a quality of life opinion? And most importantly, do you think the quality of life differs that much between males and females? (I do not). We want to know your opinions! (Via )

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  • Mark Rojas

    Not a woman so I cant address all your questions, but I do live in San Diego. Riverside-San Bernadino is not too far from there. It is sort of between SD and LA.

    The big graphic is big and contains a bit too much information for ease of consumption, but with a little work it can be deciphered. Also there should be some sort of Increments listed for the earnings, I imagine not to many people want to to the math on their own. Its only till you read the top/bottom comparisons that you get some sort of ballpark on the amounts. 

  • Diann

    I am a woman, currently working in Silicon Valley. I grew up in San Diego and also worked for ten years in Riverside County (Temecula). The main drawback with Riverside-San Bernardino is that it is largely a bedroom community for San Diego or Los Angeles/Orange County. There are few well-paying jobs and the health care has been slow to match the quality in more populated areas, although that is changing. Long commutes are common, thus the price of gas  is a major stressor and quality suffers when one spends several hours each day on the road.The area was also one of the hardest hit with the mortgage crisis and many owners find they are significantly underwater with their loans. I am also not a huge fan of the weather or the native vegetation – far too desert-like for my taste.

    I gotta say, I love Northern California and not just for the great weather!

  • Lisa

    You really can’t beat San Francisco for the quality of living. We have a great design community as well as lots of innovative thinkers. I’m partial because I grew up there. And I lived there for about ten years post college. It’s a perfect place if you can afford it. I now live north of the city in the wine country, because the real estate is more affordable. And as I’m older, I love the slower pace of living. I also love Boston, which ranks high on your list, and would have considered living there if it was always as beautiful as it is in the spring and fall. Great energy and lots of young adults. You’ve got lots of great choices and if you’re not tied down, I highly recommend exploring some of them!

  • Laura Kinson

    I live in L.A. and it definitely makes sense that our “healthy living” index is high. It may because of the pressure to look a certain way out here, but ALL of my girlfriends find ways to fit exercise (and a lot of it) into their daily schedule. The vegan/vegetarian/raw diets are also pretty trendy at the moment so that probably factors in, too :)

    • DorothyP

       Vegan/veg/raw isn’t proven to be any healthier than any other way of eating, with the exception of fast food and/or lots of carbs. The starving actors in LA can’t afford real food anyway. Notice how there’s no stats about smoking.

  • Ass

    ‘indexes’?? FAIL!

  • Lesliepop

    “Via” link does not work and I’d like the chance to see the original because this one doesn’t enlarge well enough for me to read it easily.  And it looks like a good one.

    • Lesliepop

      never mind, it opened fine here.

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