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  • Gregor

    That sounds a little biased..

    - “poor stability”, yeah.. I can’t remember the last time my Windows crashed so bad nothing worked anymore. If one program doesn’t react anymore it doesn’t affect the rest in Windows either.
    - Well it is more secure I give you that, but not because their Anti-Virus or programming is better.. Pretty much only because it is not as interesting to build a virus for an OS that only has 5,11% market share as you say.
    - Sounds right, but when was the last time you thought: Hey let’s move all the folders! (Still, nice option to have)
    - No Argument there
    - Depends on what machine you buy (for example my PC would probably cost around as much as a Mac – just saying it’s cheaper is, well cheap), guess you could only compare the price of the OS here. but since Macs and their OS are a bundle that’s not easy
    - Well there’s more to select from, but way more crap, too. I think this point is irrelevant.
    - That’s also a moot point. Firstly, you CAN run Mac OS on Windows. Also Mac OS NEEDS that function since not every programm works on Mac, unlike Windows, which has pretty much every programm at hand.. (still there are some that need Mac OS, but people who want those do not buy a Windows PC)
    - Can’t connect to Xbox 360? THAT’s what you’re going with? Nobody cares about that.
    Big Screen Connectivity
    - So you need to buy a cable to connect your Mac to a TV? Glad Windows has an option to stream everything wirelessly to even the oldest Flat.. Oh wait.. it doesnt.
    Software Compatibility
    - Same as in gaming
    - I guess that’s an advantage?
    3-D Rendering
    - Can’t say I have the experience to say anything about that
    Color Matching
    - “as well” can mean up to 99,99% so please don’t make a category out of that – just add things like that in a bonus round of sorts, same with Typography.
    Speed Test
    - What the actual fuck? Would you elaborate which Windows versions you use for that comparison. To make a point you should use the most recent, in which case the startup times of both would look indefinitely better and were actually helping to make a decision (still pretty sure Mac would win, but still. without telling us which OS is being compared here that comparison is moot)..
    - Internet Browser 6.3 seconds? Firstly, yeah IE does take what feels like ages, but not that long (a quick google says Safarai 1.85s vs IE 4.53s, still looks bad for IE which pretty much noone uses)
    Popularity / Market Share / Units Sold (2009) / Units Sold (Q1 2010)
    - Pretty much comes down to the same, Mac OS is an underdog, we get it.

    I’m not against Mac OS or anything, but your Infographic is just showing the wrong aspects of this “duel”. Mac has a niche as of right now, which is especially Multimedia and they dominate that niche.

    I can’t make sense of what you wanted to achieve by making this Infographic except to start the age old discussion about which OS is overall better (hint: “both”) once again with your misguided informations.

    • Pedro Toledo

      windows have the windows media player that can play multimedia content via NFC

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