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  • Morgan Christian

    The top graphic doesn’t identify the bottom bracket and the chain stays

  • flyinglazboy

    The recumbent ease-of-use is a “1,” and a unicycle is a “2″? Please…

  • Benjamin Schapiro

    In 50 years never hear of of a ‘steering head’. Do you mean the ‘steerer’ – part of the fork or the ‘head tube’- part of the frame? Also how do you figure a high wheeler is more efficient than a diamond frame racing bike or a recumbent? A kids tricycle is more efficient than a freight bike? Some science based and reviewed source would result in a more accurate product.

  • Mr T

    I thought efficiency (such as the penny farthing) was based on direct drive being most efficient, but that would have put the unicycle and tricycle at 4 stars, so that isn’t it. I am starting to think that whomever created this graphic equates speed with efficiency, thus anything going slow must be inefficient (I can’t think of a bike more efficient than a cargo bike!).

    As someone else has already noted: ease-of-use for a recumbent lower than a unicycle? Only someone who has never tried could possibly make that “assessment.”

    And then there is the mountain-bike-is-faster-than-a-BMX…ha!

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  • raffaer

    an andybike?

  • Mansi Goel

    Wow Awesome infographic this is. Not one person alive wouldn’t relate to the days, when being a kid, the only evening outdoor activity we’d deluge ourselves in was riding a bicycle. Well being a kid, cycling is not performed as a fitness sessions, but purely as a fun filled session. Little did we know then, what cycling is benefiting us with. Well now that we’re grown ups and well equipped with our conscience, this is the right time we should be knowing the trivia of cycling we never knew as kids. Undoubtedly, cycling still is one of the best fitness exercises and shall always be. Here’s an infographic that will vouch for me: