Should You Get The New (Insert Gadget Name Here) [infographic]

June 21, 2010 |  by  |  Tech

Apple told me my new iPhone 4 will be available for pick up on Thursday. After viewing this infographic, I believe I made the right choice. However, if I “could’nt afford it” it recommends lurking on twitter for free giveaways, then rigging the system by creating a million twitter accounts…..sounds like good advice to me! [Via]


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  • Ray Sivertsen

    snappy little title, LOL

  • Alejandra Meads

    Sweet, that’s exactly what I was looking for! This might be it for my next gadget

  • Tamie Chason

    Hey all. It’s wild just how world of internet developed the world of cool gadgets.My demographic was raised with no any gizmos .Noone knew Google – every person walked to library to investigate the sought-after info.Nobody had a cellphone . Individuals with numeric pagers were believed to be popular and almost definitely shady (and in certain instances bad guys).Right now close to just about every youngster have a touchscreen technology cell,twitters,weblogs and chats about every single detail of their life.A bunch ,believe it or not it’s annoying….But hey,It happens to be a 21′st century.God.I say it and can’t believe just what I hear.Technology advances on exponential,we’re racing through time and getting nothing but older(and wiser) :-) Plenty of chatter…Many thanks for the pretty informative posting.It had been relaxing and interesting to read.

  • Lindsay Nitta

    There exists one much more excellent explanation not to compete on cost. Men and women frequently value points that happen to be high-priced. It is a curious factor of human psychology that if we believe some matter is important, then it is. Conversely, ought to you put a low charge tag on some matter, persons perceive it as being junk.

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