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June 30, 2013 |  by  |  Travel

Hopefully most of you are having a laid-back and relaxing summer. But I think it’s safe to say that we could all use an island getaway. Being at the beach is a freeing and almost cleansing experience for many people. I think there’s something therapeutic in just digging your toes in the sand.

Today’s infographic features Cyprus, a beautiful island located in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. North Cyprus in particular is known for its lovely sites. The island is home to the Kyrenia Harbor, where a thriving and diverse trade of wheat, olives, donkeys, and goats were once exported. And high up in the mountains is the St. Hilarion Castle, a preserved ruin that was originally a monastery and named after a monk.

The weather in North Cyprus appears to be typical island weather. It’s mild and pleasant all year long. The territory also features more than 30 pristine beaches including the Golden Turtle Beach, located in the Karpas Peninsula. And if you have a soft spot for wildlife North Cyprus is famous for its wild donkeys and rare sea turtles. The sea turtles apparently return to the beaches every year to lay their eggs.

Let’s face it, you probably need a break from working too hard or some time to de-stress. Check out today’s infographic, and consider vacationing in North Cyprus this year! [Go North Cyprus Holidays]

EDIT: I apologize to the readers for not addressing some of the problems North Cyprus is facing. While the island is beautiful and has the potential to be a fantastic vacation spot, the country’s history should be taken into consideration. North Cyprus was invaded and occupied by Turkey, which evicted a lot of the native Greeks. The Turkish army still has a massive presence in North Cyprus and there is undoubtedly lots of political unrest. These points should definitely be taken into account before planning a trip there.


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  • nikobogio

    Sorry folks, i am tuned to your content 24/7, i share it regularly + “play” with it on my G+ profile and i LOVE your work BUT BUT BUT this post is a total shame!

    Northern Cyprus is considered by the international community as occupied territory of the Republic of Cyprus. It is an illegal self declared state!

    You might wanna check the ….wikipedia!

  • John

    North Cyprus is a beautiful holiday destination. I have been to both south and north of the island and each has its own character. What is upsetting is outrageous Greek propaganda on anything North Cyprus related. This is not a political infographic so please let’s keep this civilised.

    • nikobogio

      This is dangerous piece of information John. Who would misslead someone to go on vacation to an unrecognized illegal self declared state that the international community considers as occupied territory.

      You can die and never be found.

      BBC has made an interesting documentary on this tolerance at the north cyprus that created a grey zone for lots to do anything they want.

      Stay away from north cyprus, its not even a state/country. You are not safe.

      Thats not propaganda, thats setting the facts streight in an era EVERYONE needs to be responsible.

      EDIT: As with great power, comes great responsibility ;)

      • John

        Please stop the Greek propaganda on North Cyprus.

        Thousands of tourists from all over the world come to North Cyprus every year and nobody dies here. You are just making things up.

        Here is a recent article by UK newspaper Daily Mail.

        This infographic is not a political one and your political propaganda is not welcome here. I do follow Daily Infographic as a hobby and they are doing a good job staying unbiased here.

        Anyway, I am not going to comment on this again. Take care Niko, please think this twice. :)