Overview of Health Insurance [infographic]

May 12, 2012 |  by  |  Business, Education, Health

Health insurance is a hotly debated topic in this year’s presidential elections. Obama-care has some citizens fuming over the possibility universal healthcare. But before I go preaching about my thoughts on Obama-care, we should get a full grasp of what health insurance entails for a buyer.

Today’s infographic gives a thorough explanation of how the health insurance industry works. One thing for sure, the health insurance industry is a booming business, the typical 22-year old will pay $4,000,000 for health care and insurance in his or her lifetime.

I personally don’t really know too much about insurance, I do however, worry about how I’m gonna get it once I graduate and become an adult. Today’s infographic is a useful tool to familiarize yourself about the logistics of health care and health insurance. So study up so you can responsibly select an insurance plan that is right for you. [via]

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