Papa, Don’t Leave! [infographic]

July 10, 2012 |  by  |  Lifestyle

Daddies play an integral portion of creating a little baby. They are around for almost every part, but once the little munchkin has arrived, most dads have to head back to work. Mamas get sleepy, babies get cranky and everyone just wants a rest. In other industrial nations, men have a paid paternity leave comparable to maternity leave, but in the United States the paternity leave is not so great.

In the US, men have to choose to loose pay and be with their child or go back to work and be able to fully support their family. In other industrialized nations, no such compromise is necessary and in Sweden fathers are allowed up to 480 days of paternity leave. That is an eternity compared to American father’s 0 allotted days.

For the baby and for the tired mama, I feel that America should progress and allow their fathers to stay at home for a period of time. That will allow the mother to be well rested and the father to bond with his baby. Do you feel that men should be allowed paternity leave? [Via]

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  • Dominique

    I would just like to add that in Canada, that paternity leave is shared between both parents. So either the mother or the father can take it. If they both take it, they get 6 months leave (same time or one after another).
    Also this is excluding a few weeks that the mother receives as “sick” leave before/after delivery!

  • Tcbrown147

    Check your spelling…the phrase is “lose pay” not “loose pay”.

    • Mark Rojas

      this author is a repeat offender of spelling errors. I don’t think this site employs proof reading. 

  • The Lone Marmot

    Sadly, the infographic is so small – even when clicked on – that the content is impossible to read even on a 19″ monitor. :-(

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  • KAL

    Who pays for this leave?  It costs money to support these fathers while they take time off to bond (as it does for the government-mandated maternity leave).  It is critical for the mothers to be with the babies, but traditional roles for fathers include providing ongoing support (financial) for the family.  Unfortunately, we have gotten so accustomed to having the government supply everything -so then the taxpayers will pay for it.  It would be better for the family to plan and save their own $$ to allow daddy to stay home for an extended time, than to burden the taxpayers yet again. 

    Please check your spelling better in the future, too – I see lots of typos and grammatical errors on these Infographics – you lose credibility with these mistakes.

  • Greg Price

    Need to make the graphic bigger…can’t read the type.