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  • Terry Reed

    Living in Alaska, I hear the debate all the time and of course, the farmed fish are NO GOOD! Thank you for this fabulous poster. I wish we could put one in every classroom in the US.

  • Ian

    Most of the supposed “facts” on this poster are incorrect. That is probably the reason there are no sources cited. Let’s get rid of all farming all together and just take all the food for humanity from the wild. No more cows or chickens, all wild buffalo and wild game. No more farm fruit and vegetables, only wild harvested from the forest and fields. Millions of tons harvested from the wild every day. That would be the healthiest. That is good for the environment? Sounds stupid right. Then how come it isn’t when it comes to the ocean. I say support Jacques Cousteau’s belief. Stop fishing and farm the ocean. He figured that if you had fish farms covering an area of the ocean the size of Switzerland, you could farm enough fish to get rid of the world’s fishing fleet. Also, what about all the pollution and by catch from fishing fleets and canning ships. No mention of by-catch either. And, one more thing, remember, Alaska changed the rules a few years ago, so a hatchery reared, tank raised, pellet fed salmon can be called wild as long as it is released into the river to be fished later. (called salmon ranching, a very bad practice for the environment and wild salmon stocks because it allows farm raised fish to breed with wild fish, weakening the stock in general. Look it up.) If you are going to be against something, you should really look at the research both sides with an open mind, as opposed to hearing it is trendy to be against this, so I am too.

  • Fresh Canteen
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