Schools Out, But The Doctor’s In [infographic]

December 17, 2011 |  by  |  Health

No matter how easy to avoid it’s said to be, college students are still finding ways to contract STD’s. I know that life happens to even the best of us, but according to the alarming statistics in the infographic below, “life” is happening to a lot more students than I thought.

Trojan Brand Condoms studied 141 major colleges and compiled a report card rating the schools from best to worst in sexual health. This recent study also showed that 1 out of every 4 students have an STD.

25% of students having an STD sounded outlandish to me at first. I don’t think I can even name 1 of my friends who have an STD. But I also figured that not everyone would share their personal health information so freely, especially with something of that magnitude. The infographic also gives four tips to improve your sexual health, one of which was “use protection”. Shocker.

I personally think the numbers are a bit off the mark, but STD’s on college campuses are still a major concern of mine. And there were some surprise schools listed in the top half of the report card.  What do you think? Gripe, complain, air your grievances! [Via]

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  • Ritchie

    Students can decide to get tested with a potential partner before they have sex. Just the suggestion will provide protection against, for example, crabs, that a condom won’t protect you from. Avoid sexual contact with anyone who refuses to get tested first.

  • franklin veaux

    Actually, the numbers probably are a bit off the mark; 1 in 4 is probably too low.

    A lot of folks have HPV and don’t know it. In fact, nearly all of the population will contract HPV at one point or another, and not necessarily through sex…when attempting to find a control group to evaluate the effectiveness of the HPV vaccine, the researchers had a difficult time finding a control group who didn’t have HPV, even when they looked at non-sexually-active 14-year-olds.

    And many, many, many people have herpes but don’t know it. The majority of people who get herpes either won’t have an outbreak or will have just one outbreak, which they may not recognize for what it is.

    Between HPV and herpes, I’d honestly be surprised if those two alone account for a lot more than 25% of college-age people.

  • MM Maxwell

    The ranking is not on sexual health, as that is not tested, but rather activities of the administration.

  • Jd

    So, the schools that teach kids to play russian roulette with a condom get “good” scores, and the schools that teach kids to respect themselves and their partners by abstaining (the only way you’re 100% guaranteed NOT to get a life-altering STD)… those schools get the “bad” scores? Where would I want my teenager daughter to go? Certainly not any of the good schools!!!! Oh wait… this is a study by a condom company! Of course they’re going try to brainwash people with this crap. On the other hand, who published this crap??  DailyInfoGraphic… come on!!                         

  • de-lahn-nooo.

    I published this. My name’s Delano Taylor.

    I’m assuming you live under a rock. Turn on the tv, open a magazine, listen to the radio, and tell me how long you go before you see or hear something sexually related. Not long, I can guarantee you. In today’s society, sex is shoved in our face at a young age. So of course they’re going to preach using protection. My family, who’s uber religious I might add, always talked about protection. That’s just how the world works these days. Preaching “Wrap It Up” is more effective than “Wait Til Marriage”. Instead of bashing Trojan Brand Condom, you should be patting them on the back! This company continually campaigns about safe sex, more than any other condom company I might add. Whether it’s free condoms at the high schools, magazine ads, or Fire & Ice commercials.

    I use condoms and while you were picking apart everything I wrote, I was probably getting action. I have no children and no STD’s, by the way. Ask my friends.

    I said air your grievances. I did not say insult the site I write for. I wasn’t too high up on this infographic when I posted it, but I thought it was interesting and it’d raise awareness in an area that could use awareness. I even bashed it a little here and there. Thanks for the feedback though. I’m always down for intelligent conversation. You have a nice day and hopefully I’ll see you in the c-section again sometime.

    -Delano Taylor

  • Jd

    This has nothing to do with religion.  This is safety.

    There are two kinds of people that rely on condoms: those that have an STD, and those that soon will.

    More than 40% of sexually active singles have HPV. Condom failure rate is something like 98% theoretical, 85% practical.  So, 1 of every 3 women I sleep with has HPV, and I have a 1 out of 6 chance of my condom not working.  Won’t take long!

    In the 1950s, 5 STDs were known and treated. There are more than 50(!) types today. Chlamydia is #1 among teens. 4,000 get it every day.  >80% don’t realize they have it. Those that get it have a 25% chance of becoming STERILE.  

    My argument is not with you for posting this Delano.  But there is another way.  A better way.  A way that honors and cherishes women rather than using them as objects for “getting action”. I’ve been where you appear to be and have the scars to show for it.  I wish someone had explained the consequences to me and I would have made better choices.  Birth control lets a guy use his girlfriend as a plaything. Or any other stranger for that matter. We can use birth control? Cool… no risk to me. She’s just an object now for my immediate gratification. And I’m 4X more likely to get an STD than to get pregnant from the act. Our birth control mentality has led to more infidelity, lost of respect for women, and abuse of power by governments wielding it.  

    I wish someone had told me then that there is a better way.  A way that results in a total giving of oneself to another.  Totally.  Without reservation, time limit, or need for self gratification.  This isn’t contraception.  This is love.  Love is a decision, a daily decision, a hard decision. I learned it the hard way.