Some Facts about Ramen Noodles [infographic]

November 8, 2012 |  by  |  Food

Ya’ll, I don’t care how bad Ramen is for me, it is damn good. And so filling also. You can really get your bang for your buck with all that salty water and noodles floating around in your tummy. I haven’t had Ramen in years, but when I see or it smell, I’m like a drug addict who needs another fix. It’s really a win- win situation when it comes to Ramen; its a filling meal for less than a dollar! The perfect college student’s snack! However, I’m sure all that Ramen cant be good for you.

Today’s infographic lists some facts about Ramen, it even gives out some neat recipes to try also! You should defiantly give them a try tonight. Heck maybe I’ll try a recipe also! [via]

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  • Megan

    Its called la mian not lo mein -.-

    • ronzalpha

      it’s pronounced mein in Cantonese (where it’s invented/perfected), actually. But your point is still true (In mandarin). Food facts: Northern china is more known for their udon-styled noodles (as is Korea). In essence almost all noodles originated or was based off Chinese noodles. Pretty amazing stuff. Northern Chinese taste is also more generally well known for thick/pungent soups bases while southern Chinese soup bases are more fragrant/clear. This is due in Part that Southern China has more access to the harbor and horticulture, while north has more access to domesticated animals due to regional adaptation. Neat stuff to know, huh?

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  • Jack

    your so dumb…its lo mein.

    • R Skse

      how about you learn to spell before calling someone dumb

  • nans

    It’s lo mien lol

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  • vicky

    your calorie count is misleading. that is per serving, and who has ever eaten a half a packet of ramen?

    • natalie

      I always eat half a packet.

  • Narelle

    Not the only Ramen museum – There’s one in Yokohama!

  • ucsdboy

    I was going to say, I’ve been to the one in Yokohama, so there can’t be only one in Osaka.

  • matt

    it’s lo mien in Canto and ban mian in Mand.

  • CrackedLCD

    I find it hard to trust the information in the graphic when “Jasmin” doesn’t seem to possess even the most basic grammar skills of an 8th grader.

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  • balaams_ass

    That and all the salt you need for a month !

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  • Tony Te

    Great infographic but an error here: Lo Mien is stewed noodles while La Mien is pulled noodles. Ramen is the Japanese form La Mien, not Lo mien.

  • Nicole Introvert

    That is ONE serving of ramen compared to those fast food items. One pack of ramen is 2 servings. Who really only eats half of a pack? And the sodium content would be the REAL thing to compare! :) I still eat it on occasion and love it, but it’s not any better for you than a chicken sandwich from McDonalds.

  • Katherine

    Well I buy the low fat ones, so it’s not as bad as all that.

  • Nanani

    Would nice if you pointed out that this is about INSTANT ramen, and not the kind you find in a Japanese restaurant (or in a, well, ramen restaurant). They’re pretty different in terms of nutrition and price.

    Otherwise, good stuff!

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  • David Gong

    I’d like you to consider if ramen was derived from la mian or lao mian. la mian has soup which ramen does, but lao mian or “lo mein” if you speak Canto does not have a broth.

  • Infinity55

    What I hate ramen

  • mikey 48

    I think the flavor is great but !!!!! way way way too much sodium for the body!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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