Sports & Social Media [infograpic]

February 20, 2012 |  by  |  Social Media, Sports

So apparently at some point in humanity’s short existence there was this thing called the radio and people used to listen to it for things like plays, book readings, and SPORTS! If you’re shocked by the previous sentence I don’t blame you, today’s technology gives us so many alternatives to radio. Although recent studies show radio listeners are growing in numbers once again, me being one of those thanks to Austin’s comedy radio station 102.7. In today’s internet driven society social media has climbed to the top as the number one source for the average person’s sports fix. I leave you with two things I found interesting in today’s infographic, social media is used most by those watching the game on television. Secondly, sport social media junkies do not seem to mind advertisements. Example being someone you follow on Twitter plugging a product, as the infographic says “they’d probably feel different if it was being e-mailed to them.” [via]

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Sports and Social Media

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