Super Powers and their Heroes [infographic]

April 15, 2011 |  by  |  Entertainment

I wasn’t too much into the comic books when I was a kid. The Justice League was one of the only shows I watched with super heroes, that and Batman. What I like about super heroes is that they are always ready to go. They don’t need guns, they just start using their power and beat the crap out of anything in their way.

Did any of y’all ever watch Heroes? That show was too legit. The super powers of those people ranged from your average ability of flight to nuclear capabilities. After the writer’s strike a few years ago the quality of the show went way down hill. I think that it has stopped running now, but the first couple of season were amazing. If you haven’t seen Heroes yet, go out and buy it, or find some kids to pirate it for you. [Via]

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  • Cornflower

    So, who is going to send this to Big Bang theory…

  • jay

    tried clicking to enlarge but with no luck

    • Jay Willingham


  • Guest

    Where can we get a copy of this? Would make a great poster.

  • Tide

    Doesn’t enlarge for me either.

    • Jay Willingham


  • Jay Willingham


  • PNW_WarriorWoman

    Me too! I wanna get this as a print for my husband’s high school math classroom. Is there a place I can order a professional print?

  • Pandainu

    Beast Boy! <3 I miss Teen Titans. :(

  • undercovernerd

    This is awesome, I want it as a poster… but one of my favorites is missing! Deadpool! :(

  • ? Spike Valentine ?

    It looks nice, and it’s a great idea, but it is plagued with mistakes :S If you are gonna do something like this, you need to know your comics.

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