The Anatomy of a DUI [infographic]

May 11, 2012 |  by  |  Crime, Government

Drinking and driving has been one of America’s top issues in recent years. My generation has been told over and over again about the dangers of drinking and driving. We’ve seen videos, brutal live-action plays, heart-wrenching self testimonies and even real life examples. Although, this infection of automobile alcoholism has managed to decrease fatalities by 5% in the last 3 years, the sheer amount of people who still drink and drive is astounding.

My university had a program where students would volunteer to be a ride home for those under the influence on Friday and Saturday nights. It was a free service that was only one phone call away. Unfortunately, the program was cancelled 3 years ago due to budget cuts. Like my institution’s program, the battle against drunk drivers is one steep uphill treck. Alcohol has always been rooted in American tradition, but luckily taxies have too.


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