The Beatles, More Popular Than Jesus? [infographic]

April 25, 2011 |  by  |  Music

Have you heard of Jesus? Have you heard of The Beatles? Which one do you think is more popular? Today’s infographic compares the popularity of The Beatles to that of Jesus; definitely worth your time. The popularity of The Beatles is one that is unmatched by any other band or celebrity; how many people do you know that have had an infographic made comparing them to Jesus?

Admittedly when I was younger I was not a big fan of The Beatles, but my taste in music was also questionable- it was a time when I though Linkin Park was the shit. However, time has passed and my taste has gotten better, I realized Linkin Park was shite and The Beatles are undeniably one of the greatest, if not the greatest, band of all time. Evidenced by the amount of number ones released by the band, totaling at 20. The five songs to have held number one the longest include: Can’t Buy Me Love, Yesterday, Get Back, I Want to Hold Your Hand, and Hey Jude.

As time has passed, the popularity of The Beatles has yet to waver or even have anyone else come close to reaching it. As major music dies out and indie music becomes the new thing, it does not seem like any other musician will ever challenge their greatness. Even when discussing other greats like The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, The Temptations, etc., they barely hold a flame to the fame of The Beatles. However, how does Jesus fair? If I had to guess I’d say he probably puts up quite the fight. [via]

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More Popular Than Jesus?

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  • A Daily Infographic fan.

    Very interesting infographic, once again! However, I have to disagree with you regarding your comment on Linkin Park. Tastes do change, and being a fan of both Linkin Park and The Beatles, I think that it would be “naive” to say that either one of them are “shite”. Considering that Linkin Park had only been around for around 15 years, their success has been undeniable worldwide. I mean, even a quick look on Facebook will show the extent of Linkin Park’s fame and success. Interestingly enough, looking at the main pages on Facebook for both Linkin Park and The Beatles, Linkin Park have almost 10 million more “likes”, however that is not to say that they are more popular or successful than The Beatles. A quick search on google will also provide 79,800,000 results on “Linkin Park”. I am sure that a more thorough research on this great band will provide some very interesting data which perhaps you could base one of your infographics on! I totally agree with you that The Beatles are one of, if not the greatest band of all time with Linkin Park not even comparing to the success of The Beatles, however, the relative amount of time that both have been around provides an insight on the successful nature of Linkin Park.

    • Jay Willingham

      I agree. Linkin Park is far from ‘shite’. I think Diego is jealous that I have their full discography on my iPod.

      • DMckeague

        Why would you ever say your music tastes was naive. stop it. It was important to you at the time. Are the Beatles more important than Nirvana? Regardless my friends, art is an expression of the time it was created, and the Beattles time was way over do.

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