The Cost of the Royal Wedding vs. Yours [infographic]

April 29, 2011 |  by  |  Lifestyle

I know absolutely nothing about the wedding today. Honestly, why would I care? I’m an American, we are supposed to hate the British royalty aren’t we? Didn’t they infringe on our rights so we started a revolution against them? Why are we so interested in their prince’s love life over here?

I actually do love Britain. The history and atmosphere of the country is so different than America. I’ve holiday’d in London twice during my life and it is one of the best cities I have ever been to, but I still don’t care for the modern royal family. I know Brits will hate this, but what are they for? What role do they play in governing the UK? Are they spending 32 million dollars of your tax paying money on their wedding? I don’t know the details, but that isn’t something I can support. Either way, eating a slice of that cake is like eating a Ben Franklin and I bet it tastes like heaven.

I also can’t understand the publicity for this wedding. It’s cool and all, but why would you want millions of people all up in your wedding? I think most people would rather have a wedding filled with friends and family, not Travel Channel camera men. [Via]


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  • Caldo B

    Thanks for the graph and the underlying research, it’s quite interesting, not only in comparative sense but for the absolute figures in themselves.
    I am also surprised that people would spend so much for their wedding ceremony, the quoted £16,800 would be the equivalent of nearly an average one-year UK wage after taxes. But probably it’s just me :)

  • Suryati Arifatul Laili

    It’s really a huge money….their wedding looks like fairy tale :)

  • Ashley H

    I am actually surprised at the LOW cost of the US wedding. I would be curious to know where those numbers came from.

  • dom

    Similar infographic here on Adaptu’s site:

    Great minds, right?

  • Jenna, Adaptu CM
  • Ross Jaklik

    oooooh, that’s where the money goes.

  • location pals

    This post must be read by every guy before doing the marriage…If a common man read it,it is sure that he will definitely give up the dream of marriage…

  • Lance Cawthorne