The Evolution of Business Cards [infographic]

May 4, 2012 |  by  |  Business

Here’s a fact you never knew: in 2007, the business card industry was a 12 billion dollar industry. Yup, billion. Since the 19th century business cards have been passed out as a form of communication and marketing and is still growing today. Business cards now are more than a name and number. Personal twitter, Facebook and Linked-in accounts are present on a good majority of business card now-a-days.

Many young professionals think having an innovative business card design is pivotal to gaining important people’s attention. People will use metal or plastic for their cards instead of paper or even change the function to even include a catapult.

The innovative progression of business cards will continue as long as society keeps looking at them as a form of entertainment as well as a marketing tool. I can’t wait to see where business cards are like in 50 years. [MOO]


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  • Mark Rojas

    Simple color selection is nice, amazing numbers for such a small object

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  • dennypollard

    I am fully agree card industry is grow up very fast.its very impressive.

  • Fredrichardsdesign

    Ok, it’s clever, and I agree with Mark, the colors are nice, but it lacks the WOW factor that most good infographics have.  Where is the journey?  The horizontal timeline would have been better vertical, I think.

  • Jiri Vermeulen

    I read 1.2 billion. Is the 12 billion a mistake or is it the global industry..?