The Most Fabulous Mango Infographic [infographic]

March 20, 2014 |  by  |  Food, Health

I write this infographic as I eat the most delicious mango. For some reason this mango tastes better than all of the other ones I can remember, perhaps because it’s the first mango of the warm season to come. As much as I love mangos, I’ve always had a difficult time eating them. I usually cut each side, attempt to slice the flesh out of the freshly cut wedges, then continue to eat the juicy mango flesh straight off the pit. I usually have mango juice dribbling down my chin and elbows, and end up leaving behind about half the mango on the pit.

Thankfully, today’s infographic explains how to properly cut open and eat a mango, along with tons of other interesting information. I’ll be able to successfully cut open and eat a mango next time. Check out today’s infographic for some delicious information! [via]

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  • Kent Valentine

    This info-graphic is an essay in why you should proof-read your work.

  • Rachael Betteridge

    Spell-check not working today…?! Oops…!!!

  • Saddha

    Correction: Buddha sat under a Bodhi Tree not a mango tree. He however showed a miracle where he was able to grow a huge mango tree in an instant from the seed.

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