The Oxford Comma
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  • Cynthia

    This doesn’t fully state AP’s style. Serial commas are recommended for complex series only. For compound series, they recommend semicolons.

  • Greybeard

    As a fan of the Oxford comma, I would love to see an example where it “introduce[s] ambiguity”. I’ve yet to see one such?!

    • someone

      I’d like to thank my mother, Ayn Rand, and God. (Wait, Ayn Rand is your mother?)

      • Greybeard

        Hm? To me, that doesn’t say that Ayn Rand is your mother! But OK, it’s the same apposition problem as “My parents, Ayn Rand and God”, only reversed. Sort of.

        I don’t read “my mother, Ayn Rand and God” as being any clearer.

        The real conclusion is that English kind of sucks :)


  • Ellen Girardeau Kempler

    LOVE this infographic, especially the comma trivia! Thanks.