The Perks of Walking [infographic]

March 17, 2012 |  by  |  Health

Mostly because I was too cheap to take a bus and kept getting lost , I did an insane amount of walking at South by South West today. I trotted across downtown several times in my trusty cowboy boots, which became exhausting after a while. Throughout the day I refueled my body with several slices of pizza, ritz crackers, and beer (not exactly the ideal spring break diet) While this is usually a big no-no for me, I kept reassuring myself that all the walking I was doing would make up for it. But now that I actually think about it,  I really am curious to know if all the walking I did earned me 4 slices of pizza and some beers.

Turns out, all my walking didn’t burn too many calories, but I did burn some fat and strengthen my legs. I also improved my heart health and engaged my core. Not too bad for having fun at the same time.

Even though all my walking today won’t result in drastic positive changes, it is easy to see on today’s infographic that there are only positive results that come from regular walking. It’s great to realize that I was benefiting my body while having a great time at South by South West with great friends and music. [via]

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