The Real Cost of Flying [infographic]

September 19, 2013 |  by  |  Mind-Blowing, Travel

I’m writing this post because I had to drive 1,280 miles (over 18 hours) from South Texas ALL the way to South Carolina with my 77 year old grandparents for a wedding. Why?! Because my unemployed, postgraduate self could not afford a plane ticket. I’ll give my grandparents credit, they weren’t bad to drive with. My grandpa slept the entire time, and my grandma was an excellent co-pilot (probably because she was afraid of me crashing the car). However, today’s infographic isn’t a rant about the high cost of plane tickets. It about another way airlines and airports are raking in the cash; through the liquid carry on rules!

How is this even possible? Turns out this tiny rule has a big financial and environmental impact. Today’s infographic does a fantastic job of explaining it! Read on to see how such a small thing is costing you money! [via]

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