The Rise of Google Plus [infographic]

July 28, 2011 |  by  |  Internet

Google Plus is definitely the hottest new social media tool in my books. My Facebook news feed over the past month has constantly been people either asking for invites or telling people to add them on Google Plus. I couldn’t resist my curiosity and decided to get one, and I must say I love the layout. As I expected, Google kept their design simple and user friendly, although I’m still adjusting to the new features. The Facebook ads are starting to become overwhelming and a bit intrusive, and my Google Plus profile looks much cleaner than my Facebook.

This infographic fleshes out more details of Google Plus that I would not figure out just by going to the website. I must admit it will be difficult to throw away the Facebook format and adopt a totally new style. Give Google Plus a try if you haven’t already, and write some comments on how you feel about it. Also leave comments on something cool you’d like to see an infographic on, and if we can’t find one, maybe we’ll make it! [Via]

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  • Daily Infographic Reader

    There are several typos in this infographic. Typically they look a little more polished than this one too. I’m not sure all the information is accurate. I have used settings on Facebook to prevent my information from showing up in searches, as have my friends, the infographic says you can’t do that.

  • Dena Landowne Bailey

    Um, Google+ does have a system for private messaging… It’s called Gmail.

  • Sweet Alize

    Not of the best Inforgraphics on in my opinion. You can tell its very biased how rough it is towards Facebook and how forgiving it is to Google+ for lack of features. Secondly, you need to research you data. Facebook does in fact have settings on what comes up in searches. Facebook does have private messaging (GMAIL). Mobile app is ‘easy to use’ because it has the amount of features Facebook’s does at this time so the comparison is too soon to determine. Updates privacy – I use all the time and how it is not user-friendly? Learn to use it. You can set it right there are you type out your status. Can’t get any easier. 

  • Teeheeruler


  • Mike Tarullo

    Putting pictures next to words does not an infographic make.

    • Aman Arora

      It was my first infographic ever, So I guess its ok for me :)

  • Spencer Sands

    Thanks for all the replies!

    I must agree that the infographic is biased, it seems a little fishy to give a 10/10 score to a website still running in beta…On the other hand it can provide some useful basic information to somebody not familiar with all the features of each site.

    Maybe in the future newer, improved Google Plus infographics will appear.

  • Kevin

    Terrible quality. Rife with grammar mistakes.

  • Livehappy8

    There is too much text in this infographic…it’s a textographic..

  • lemonlime

    You can private message people in Google+. You simply share the post with that person only. It, and subsequent replies, can then only be seen by you and the person you shared it with. Voila! Private message.

  • Nicholas Yurasits

    Uh you can be shown online for only certain people for chat in Google+. You need to manage each contact and choose if you want to be visible to them or not visible (blocked) for chat. 

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  • sultan

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  • Aman Arora
  • difan440

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  • Sara Haque

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  • Emdadul Islam Prince

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  • thanman15

    “Facebook doesn’t has this yet” direct quote from poster above when talking about visibility. I stopped reading after that and all I could think is you’d hope they would look over these things before publishing them for the WORLD to see….

  • Rananjay Rw

    Google+’s UI is Awesome? Sorry, but for me Facebook has the best UI in the world.

  • Attwood Digital

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  • gyt

    its not new but i love google +