The Top 10 Great Inventions From Ireland [infographic]

April 4, 2012 |  by  |  Mind-Blowing

If I were to tell you one place spawned the creation of color photography, chocolate milk, and soda, I don’t know how likely you would be to guess Ireland. But that’s the place.

Irish inventors have a nice list of things they’ve contributed to mankind. On top of the previously mentioned items, we can add the submarine, modern chemistry, Guiness, the armored tank, aircraft ejection seat, rubber soles, and the atomic bomb. Quite a contribution, but not unexpected from a country nicknamed “the land of saints and scholars”.

Take some time to read over the infographic and make sure to make good use of all the great things given to us by the emerald isle! [Via]


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  • John No

    Submarine? Ever heard of the Turtle (1775) or the Submarino Hipopótamo (1837) or the CSS Hunley (1863) the Plongeur (1863)? DoublePlusUngood! The Holland was the first submarine to use a diesel engine afloat and battery power submerged. A milestone for sure, but hardly thr first submarine.

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  • morningsdaughter

    Is that Chocolate Milk or Milk Chocolate?  Their kinda different from each other and the graphic isn’t very clear on which is right. In fact, it seems to be trying to cover both…

  • sami tareq ???? ????

    i like it