Top 10 Deadliest Animals In The World [infographic]

January 5, 2014 |  by  |  Animals

It can often only take one episode of Monsters Inside Me to give up traveling. What many don’t realize is that the danger doesn’t really come from parasites or things unseen, but rather the very popular animals that cartoons have made us adore.

What is surprising to me is that the hippopotamus is so dangerous. Although only found in Africa, they kill close to 3,000 people annually. The Lion King never showed how vicious they are. It wasn’t until one of the earlier episodes of river monsters that I realized just how colossal these animals are.

I have never seen a grizzly bear in person but I know they are cute. If I did see one while I was out, I am pretty sure I would be the type to hang around it for a just a little too long. Unfortunately for me, and many others, grizzly bears are the deadliest animals in North America. Of course that is excluding the real killer: Mosquitos.

Mosquitos are responsible for the deaths of over 1 million people world wide annually. With the exception of crocodiles, mosquitos are the animals most frequently found anywhere in the world. Personally, and this probably rings true for most, mosquitos are really freaking scary. You can’t really stop them from going anywhere. They are light enough that you usually do not feel them land on you. They carry the blood of another person as they fly. This infographic gives light to the deadliest animal, but also the scariest too… Mosquitos! [via]


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  • Karen Tocque

    This is so inaccurate since mosquitos do not kill at all – malaria kills and that’s a completely different organism. For an infographic to be truly meaningful, the information needs to compare like with like. So how many deaths are caused by other parasites would be a better comparison!

    • Taina Salminen

      Agreed. I also think elephants won’t kill on purpose. Part of the kills must be accidental.(?) I saw a document once about sharks and they won’t even come near people unless they are irritated. The movie I saw was Sharkwater. Very informative and a good documental movie. And I was also going to point out the mosquito kills untill I saw someone here had already said it: malaria is the one that kills, a parasite that hosts in the mosquito.

    • Jean John

      Malaria is not an animal, and regardless of weather or not it is the insect or the disease it carries that kills, I think the point was what causes the most deaths, and mosquito’s carrying malaria is what causes the most death by organisms from the animal kingdom.

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  • Duncan Riley

    Complete load of rubbish, the stats simply aren’t true. For example the Box Jellyfish DOES NOT kill 100 people a year… it’s lucky to kill 1 person a year. And do you really think there are 90 fatal bear attacks a year? I think a 2 year old created these so called stats.

  • Nick

    Um, they forgot to put “Human”.

    • John


  • TSJones97

    So they say the TEN most deadly, but the graphic only lists (in words) NINE, completely forgetting to put in a text box about that ‘snake graphic’ that appears on the map. Sloppy work, people. Sloppy work!

  • Sarah

    If you think a grizzly is cute and would just hang around when you saw one then you prob deserve what’s coming to you. Natural selection at work.

  • Ali

    That bear statistic is incredibly flawed since in the last decade and a half bears have only killed 15 people. This infographic has no true accuracy behind it.

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