Water Boarding [infographic]

March 23, 2011 |  by  |  Politics

Check us out on Facebook! Today’s infographic is brought to us by our friends at Tablet Infographics. While looking over today’s infographic, I am reminded of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, a show in which water boarding is made acceptable. While the show may make a dark subject funny, in truth water boarding is very real and is still practiced. If you don’t already know what it is, water boarding is a form of torture in which the victim experiences “dry drowning” over and over again. The way it works is that the victim is restrained, usually to some sort of plank, then tilted where their head is down and their legs are elevated. This is then followed by putting a rag or some sort of cloth over their mouth and nose. Finally, water is poured over them to create the effect of drowning.

Sounds fun, right? In the past, the United States has killed enemies for using this method on American soldiers. However, there are reports that the United States, during the Bush administration, used water boarding on Al Queda members to get information. To justify its use they said water boarding was not a recognized form of torture and it was fine to use. Weird how things are wrong when they’re done to Americans, yet are perfectly fine when we do it. Anyway, the effects of water boarding include dry drowning, lung damage, broken bones, as well many others including many adverse psychological effects, such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD. [via]

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Water Boarding

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  • VickiG

    I need to ask a question about this. I’m a Paramedic. I’m wondering how in the **** do they expect to get answers out of a person who’s upper respiratory system is filled with water.
    In the infographic, it shows a man with the word Interrogator under his image.
    I thought ‘InTERROgator? How can anyone realistically expect that a person can answer questions for them when the person’s upper airway is underwater?

    And how the **** do they LIVE through this. I would think the fact that the lower airway is depleting of oxygen would make everything else secondary to the person it’s happening to.
    I’m totally confused as to how someone who brags about graduating from an Ivy League school could have been stupid enough to think this method of questioning would work even a LITTLE; Bush approved of this, didn’t he?

    • nero

      amerykanie nie id?cie t? drog?!!