Where are All the Good Single Black Men? [infographic]

September 16, 2011 |  by  |  Lifestyle

It seems like the female african-american society has a problem: they can’t seem to find a good black man. This drought of good black men have prompted some in the community to say they don’t even exist. They do! And according to this infographic, you’ll find out just how many good black guys there actually are out there. [Best Black Dating Sites]


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  • http://www.facebook.com/david.bowie.in.space Spencer Sands

    math is flawed…what about overlapping?  a fat homosexual in jail??

    and besides that, charlie wilson is always looking for a nice woman…


    • Iceblue200404

      Thats the same exact conclusion I came to because those with less education account for most of those in jail which results to a overlap.

      I’m sure if this same “inaccurate” analysis was conducted for these “100″ women, i’m sure the results would would probably be 5% (or no higher than 10%) to black men’s 3%.

      One variable alone eliminates majority of black women because approx. 4 of 5 African-American women are overweight or obese.  http://www.womenshealth.gov/minority-health/african-americans/obesity.cfm

      **drops mic and exits the floor**

  • http://www.facebook.com/kate.houston Kate Houston

    I agree with Spencer, the math in this is a bit off because none of those categories are mutually exclusive. I know plenty of fat gay black men in jail…. well, you know what I mean.

  • http://twitter.com/curiouscre8tive Tamika Adair

    Whether the math is off or not, thank you for actually disseminating this infographic to the public. This is a question (and problem) that comes up constantly for black women that many people in other racial groups are probably not even aware of. Because of this issue, many women are just now being more inclined to date outside of our race because there are just not enough like-minded black men that are living on the same wavelength as black women. So, thank you!

    • Rose

      WOW SISTER THAT’S COLD OF YOU, DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND THEY Want our men to be unequal to us. to try to destroy the black family. you going to bed with the white man wont help. its not like you can date a Arab or a Indian because you would have to become submissive and give up that awful church music. you are a horrible black bitch! salaam

  • Anonymous

    I would chance that the census figures quoted of 145 million women and 139 million men in America are ‘totals’ of each sex, regardless of ethnicity. Making the percentages of 87 black men for every 100 black women you extrapolate from those totals incorrect.

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  • Darren Palmer

    Aside from the overlapping problem… Doesn’t 145 million women to 139 million men equate to more like 96 brothas per 100 sistas?

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