Xbox One vs. PS4 [Infographic]

May 27, 2013 |  by  |  Gaming, Tech

With Sony and Microsoft both holding press conferences and releasing new info about their upcoming gaming devices, it seems like it’s about that time again: the console wars are starting back up. Today’s infographic from Mashable gives us a side-by-side comparison of what we know about the mysterious new Xbox One and Playstation 4.

Microsoft’s press conference was most recent and most revealing, so naturally we know a little more about the Xbox One than the PS4 at the moment. We know that the Xbox One will have cool features such as cloud storage, voice commands and motion control, but it also may have a few traits that seem less than desirable, such as a fee for playing used games and the need to always be online. In the other corner, Sony has kept the specs for its PS4 close to the vest so far, not revealing much about the console other than it will have a touch-screen on the controller and it will play Blu-Ray discs and also have cloud storage.

The final verdict isn’t out on either console yet, so there is likely plenty more to come from both sides up until the consoles launch. For more info have a look at the graphic below. [Via]

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  • Dragonzord

    I’d add GPU to this and as for the CPU, while Microsoft had their customizations as far as the SoC, the actual processor is still essentially the same as Playstation’s; a custom AMD build x86 chip.

    • Felix Tejeda

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  • lakawak

    Wow…you STILL are whining about the Always On connection for the XBox when it has been said in NO uncertain terms that it will NOT require an always on connection?

    • BlubBlub

      It won’t ALWAYS need to be on, but it will need to be connected at least every 24 hours.

  • Dylan

    I have always run xbox, and i have to say the Ps4 really looks way better so far, but then again it could be awy worse than xbox.

  • Tom Jones

    Glaring omission “Games from Previous Gen Console Still Work” XBox NO
    PS4 IDK

    • joah

      PS4 isn’t backwards compatible either

  • Bernard

    Info graphic omitting to say custom AMD CPU as well, some details around the MS CPU: “AMD provided a custom silicon solution to Microsoft for the Xbox One, a game console and entertainment device. This required the coordination of multiple functional teams within AMD, as well as regular customer meetings with leadership teams responsible for handling the challenges of complex, muti-year deals. This project is valued at $3+B.”

  • Dafuq

    why dafuq gaming console need skype? seeking for bitches maybe?

  • Meteo

    Haha, man this feels like a big election! I hope both consoles succeed, but I have a feeling I’ll still be getting more of my games from Steam.

    • TheMotely Bloak

      Haha! All this infographic proves is that the reveals weren’t revealing enough!

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  • TommJim

    XBox One is NOT backwards compatible with XBox 360. For that reason, I will never own one!

    • TheMotely Bloak

      Neither is PS4.

    • Kevkill

      I can count on one hand the number of time I played original Xbox games on the 360. Once you move to the next gen games I doubt backwards compatibility will be such a necessity. I plan on keeping my 360 around until all my friends / favourite games have moved to the One.

    • Anthony J. Mitchell

      Buy or keep your Xbox 360, you can go backwards anytime.

    • bloop

      Neither is PS4….

      • asda

        why would the ps4 play xbox games

  • Anthony J. Mitchell

    The official specs have not been released until these consoles are in your hands and someone opens them up see for themselves. Both Microsoft and Sony have everything to gain by using misinformation.

  • David

    PS4 has Live Streaming. Hell, half their presentation was dedicated to that. How did you miss that?

  • PreyMantis

    “console war”
    It’s like the Wii U never existed on these console war articles…

    • NeoTechni

      Cause its not the same generation, technologically speaking

      • PreyMantis

        You mean just because it has the lowest specs out of the three, it’s not in the same generation as the two new systems? That’s a stupid. So, is the Wii not the same generation as the PS3&360? Also the PS2 is the weakest of its generation, so it should be with the N64 and PS1, right? Your logic makes no sense. A console generation is not defined by the consoles’ power, but their succeeding predecessor.

        • Techni Myoko

          “You mean just because it has the lowest specs out of the three”

          Not just the lowest of the three, but lower than PS3/360 as well. One developer even said OUYA’s CPU is faster.

          No, Wii isn’t the same generation as PS3/360.

          “Also the PS2 is the weakest of its generation, so it should be with the N64 and PS1, right?”

          PS2 was still in the same range of processing power as XBOX/Gamecube and Wii. Any game they could do, could run on PS2. Wii could not run the vast majority of PS3/360 games, and when it tried, it failed horribly (play Dead Rising on 360 then Wii)

          “Your logic makes no sense.”

          Only cause you failed to understand it, as you bringing up PS2 proved.

          “A console generation is not defined by the consoles’ power, but their succeeding predecessor”

          Not technologically speaking however. OUYA didnt become the same generation as PS4/Xone just cause of the time it came out. Technological generation is meant to show how powerful it is.

          • PreyMantis

            You’re not a good troll, you know.
            Here’s the actual specs sheet of the Wii U against PS360 (before you go apeshit on the backwards compatibility on PS360, they’re coming from their newest versions):

            LOL OUYA. I like that OUYA touch, but we all know made-up unicorns can’t overthrow facts. You know that the OUYA is pretty much just an Apple TV/Google TV, right? All it can do are mobile games. You’re an idiot to believe all this delusions. Just its GPU alone destroys the OUYA. CPU does not equal clock speed, and the Wii U’s clock speed outshines both PS3 and 360. Though I’m still curious, who’s this developer who said OUYA’s CPU is faster than the Wii U?

            Freakin’ troll thinks the PS2 was in the same range in terms of power as the other consoles. You make me laugh. Resident Evil 4 came out on PS2 almost a year after the Gamecube, so why can’t the PS2, that “was still in the same range of processing power as XBOX/Gamecube and Wii, do the same performance as the Gamecube?

            Here’s a video comparison of the two:

            Case in point, you’re a fail troll.

  • Moonkae

    It should be worth noting that only the Xbox One will be able to support games with a 4k resolution. The PS4 only supports 4k video playback.

  • NeoTechni

    Live streaming was announced on ps4 before it was on xone… What else did you miss?

  • Felesar

    Ultimate decider for me – the controller. And I hate the way the Sony controller feels. Try feathering a trigger as a gas pedal on a Sony controller, it’s not going to work. Try holding it in the natural curvature of your hand. Yeah good luck. And on and on. If the new Microsoft controller is comfortable like the last one and the one before that, then of course I will buy it.

  • ????

    I’m torn on these new consoles- Here is my opinion so far:
    - cross platform, multiplayer games like call of duty will be better on Xbox one
    - ubisoft and ubisoft style single player games will be better on ps4
    - exclusives will, in my opinion, be better on ps4
    - both will do Netflix, blu rays, etc.
    - TV on my console doesn’t matter
    - inside the box they will be virtually identical, only slight differences that won’t be an issue
    - xbox’s online service is worth the money, play stations just isn’t as good
    - minor things like a screen on the controller or a move light won’t matter any more than xbox’s impulse triggers ( they will all be as useless as six- axis in the dual shock 3 was)
    - the UI and software will have its ups and downs on both systems
    - Xbox is built on windows with pc architecture so games will be easier to make for it and will be smoother on it

    What should i do?

    • Jolly damn

      The PS4 will use x86 architecture, just like the Xbox One. Therefore “games will be easier to make for it” is a voided point.

      Don’t confuse the PS3 cell architecture.

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  • Miss Gideon

    Nice. My favorite infographic is Eyes On The Road The Real Risks of Distracted Driving

    Has anyone seen it?

  • BodybagzAllDay

    This is incredibly inaccurate. Xbox has announced you will still have to suscribe for live, yess ps4 has live game streaming, and the used game fee and always online for xbox is yes not maybe,

  • BodybagzAllDay

    Microsoft fucked up baddd with this one.

  • james braselton

    hi there i saw the presentation yes they focused all the time on live streaming

  • Omixam

    Keep Your 360 theyre going to be giving away free games

  • Negapod

    Lol, this infographic is a bit one sided and we can all tell which side it’s leaning. Down with this page.

  • Jamtech
  • baba tijan

    waiting for launch ps4… quick quick