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1 Dropout Every 26 Seconds!

By | source: May 2nd, 2011

First off, congratulations to our troops on a successful mission resulting in Osama Bin Laden’s death! If you haven’t already heard yesterday president Obama authorized an attack on the compound housing Bin Laden, resulting in Osama’s death after being shot in the head during a fire fight. Today’s infographic focuses on another terror effecting the United States of America, our ever deteriorating education system.

Today’s infographic is entitled: Staggering! 10 Shocking U.S. Education Statistics. A hot topic on news stations these days other than the Royal Wedding is the education system and how it has been failing us. According to the infographic high school is not preparing students for college, when compared internationally we rank highest in literacy at number 15. Although high school is not as good as it should be, finishing is better than dropping out.

Dropouts actually have the potential to become a burden on society, not being eligible for 90% of jobs, 8% more likely to go to prison, and 50% less likely to vote. While I admit the education system is broken I do not believe it is the teachers’ fault. While there are bad teachers, a large part of blame can be placed in socioeconomic differences. I do like the government and what they are supposed to stand for, but they proven to be unable to run a successful education system. One way or another we need reform and money, without a proper education system the United States is doomed to loose its competitive advantage. [via]

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