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10 Easy Tips To Look And Sound More Confident

By | source:Here Apr 5th, 2019

How are you doing on the confidence front? If you think you’re lacking, here are some tips to look and sound like a boss. Fake it till you make it!

Confidence can be a difficult trait to have, especially if you have no idea what others are thinking when they see you. Worry no more, here are 10 scientifically-proven tips that will make you look and feel at ease.

We all know them: people that are at ease defending their opinion but don’t take offense when others disagree. People capable of getting along with others. That classmate who seems to know what they’re doing. Is it all an elaborate hoax? Are they just pretending to feel that way?

Not necessarily. That’s just how confidence looks. When we feel confident in our own skin, it shines through. Even though some people just seem to “be” confident, it’s a skill that can be learned. I say, fake it till you make it!

You can replicate some physical attitudes that will make you appear more confident, and eventually, you’ll really start feeling it! From talking “with your hands”, to making more eye contact and ending phrases with a falling tone, small gestures and body language can make a world of difference! Try a few of these tried and true tactics shared by experts and you’ll experience for yourself the impact it can have in your everyday interactions.