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10 Tips to Avoid Getting Drunk During The Holidays

By | source:Here Dec 4th, 2022

I’m sure you’ve heard the same message from your friends and family: “Don’t get drunk at Thanksgiving dinner!” The holidays are a time for family, friends, and food. But if you don’t take care to prevent it (or don’t realize how easy it is), drinking too much can ruin your holiday. And once you start drinking heavily, it can be hard to stop—so having a plan ahead of time is key!

Talk to a family member or trusted friend about your plans to stay sober and ask them to check in with you during the night to make sure you’re okay. There’s no shame in talking to a family member or friend about your plans to stay sober. In fact, it’s an excellent idea to have a plan in place before you head out on what is guaranteed to be an intense night of celebrating. If there are people who can check in with you during the day—or better yet, help ensure that you don’t drink too much once it hits midnight—that will be great! You could also ask them if they’d like to join you for dinner beforehand and then go over together how much fun everyone had last year when they did something else instead of drinking (and then maybe watch Netflix). If there aren’t any family members or trusted friends available, consider reaching out to a doctor or therapist. It may seem embarrassing at first, but this person knows all about keeping yourself safe from harm and will be glad that someone reached out for help!

Drinking too much can ruin your holiday, and it’s easier than you think if you have a plan ahead of time! Stay away from open bars filled with free drinks, especially if there are other people around who are drinking heavily as well (this could lead to peer pressure). Instead, find out where they are getting their alcohol from so that when it’s time for yours, order something non-alcoholic instead! That way no one will be able to tell whether or not you’re actually drinking anything without looking at your cup first! If all else fails—and let’s face it: sometimes these things do happen—don’t forget about this list! It might just be what helps keep those hangovers at bay while still making sure everyone has fun during those holiday parties next year!”

It’s the holidays, so it’s time to celebrate. But this doesn’t mean you have to ruin your holiday by getting too drunk! Follow our 10 tips and make sure that you don’t drink more than you can handle during this special time of year.