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10 Video Games For The Classroom

By | source:Here Oct 30th, 2017

Technology has been unavoidably taking over many aspects of our lives.  We use it now in our homes, it follows us on handheld devices that are basically stuck to us, and now it can aid in your learning in class. The accessibility of information on the internet could arguably be distracting to learning, but it is a lot easier to see the pros of having game-based learning in the classroom.

Games can aid in coordination, organization and prioritizing. Many adventure games based on quests or money management are popular amongst students, and for these reasons alone, students could apply these skills, knowingly or unknowingly, to their lives. As an added bonus, they also happen to be beneficial to our health.

Technology could be socially isolating, but this goes beyond the issue of game-based learning. Since students are already invested in their phones and the apps they come with, teacher might as well leverage this and use  further tools to stimulate learning. Another plus is that the  learning could be easily extended into the home.

However, an important point to be considered is that not all kids are privileged enough to have access. A double edged sword, game based learning could be quite beneficial for learning, but also drive a gap between those with and without.