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12 Unexpected Backpacking Tips

By | source:Backpacking tips Aug 31st, 2017

Backpacking can be a daunting task to new outdoor adventurers, especially if overnight camping is added to the equation.  To make the experience more manageable and cost efficient, everyday items from your home function as ultralight backpacking gear.

For example, a bandanna can be used for first aid, or just to strain coffee and filter water. Crayola crayons can be burned as a candle in cases of emergency.  Finally, dental floss has a myriad of uses such as acting as a fishing line, starting fires, making snares, and sewing.

Don’t have a watch? You can use your hand during the daytime hours to see how many more hours are in the day. Place your fingers (not including your thumb) directly under the sun and count the number of fingers between the sun and horizon.  Each finger is about fifteen minutes and each hand is about an hour of daytime

At night, put a bottle of hot water wrapped with a towel inside your sleeping bag to keep warm.  Worried about pesky mosquitoes stinging you while you sleep? While making a fire is a good way to deter them, burning sage in the fire will amplify this effect.

Going backpacking doesn’t mean you have to buy all the latest cool camping gear.  With these hacks, you can be resourceful and have an easier and cheaper backpacking experience.  If you have kids, your pack is probably going to be a bit heavier, but here’s a guide to help.