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13 Strange Highs from Around the World

By | source: Feb 12th, 2012

Maybe itâ??s pessimistic, but when it comes to what people will do to exit their sober minds, Iâ??m rarely surprised. Getting high is an ancient practice for humans, and it will always have a presence in society.

At the height of desperation, there simply are no boundaries to the pursuit of inebriation. All thirteen points in this infographic are glaring examples of this.

It seems fundamentally human to not want to have oneâ??s face in/around/ or near oneâ??s own excrement. This aversion seems to disappear at some level of human deprivation. â??Jenkemâ? is perhaps the most disturbing proof of this. It is human feces kept long enough to ferment, for the purpose of inhaling the fumes and enjoying the subsequent psychological effects.
Yea, people do that.

Though certainly the most repulsive example, this buzz is listed among stranger methods of exiting sobriety.
I must also add, I am by no means condoning these practices. So if, for whatever twisted reason you feel yourself itching with curiosityâ?¦Donâ??t try this at home, kids. (via)

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