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13 Worst States To Be A Burglar

By | source: Jan 8th, 2014

Thinking about robbing a house? You might want to reconsider your career as a criminal mastermind if you’re planning to pursue it in the states listed in today’s infographic.

You could end up with a fifty year sentence if convicted of robbery in Montana, a hundred year sentence if found out in Alabama, and even a life sentence in South Carolina.

Burglars and homeowners alike might also want to be aware of of the “shoot first” laws in some of these states. The ‘”Stand Your Ground Law’ and ‘Castle Doctrine’ allow homeowners to use deadly force when threatened, without any requirement to retreat.”‘ So, at this point, as a burglar, you’re faced with hard time in prison or a bullet in your back.

And watch out for hefty fines. In Alabama, Montana, and Maine you can be fined anywhere from fifty to sixty thousand dollars for breaking and entering; in DC you might be slapped with a seventy-five thousand dollar debt; and in Virginia you may be fined as much as one hundred thousand dollars.

This infographic also asks the important question “do the ‘Worst States to Be a Burglar’ actually have fewer burglaries?” For Virginia their harsh punishments seem to be keeping crime at bay, while South Carolina and Alabama continue to fight high burglary rates.

With that being said, stay safe, and check out the graphic below. [SimpliSafe Home Security]