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14 Facts About Sugar

By | source: Oct 18th, 2012

There’s no hiding the fact that American’s love sugar, itâ??s in everything delicious! From ice cream to French fries, there is no escaping this silent button buster. But as great as sugar tastes, its become a huge problem to the people of America. The problem has been mocked in television shows and has even been addressed in real life with the soda ban in New York.

Todayâ??s infographic gives 14 sweet facts about sugar. After reading the infographic, you will come to the realization that sugar is poisoning us. I know after I finished reading it, I promised on more sugary snacks, but alas, here I am eating ice cream while I write this post. The truth is, sugar is hard to give up, so letâ??s at least try to decrease our intake. Iâ??m sure well all look and feel a lot better! [via]