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15 Productivity Hacks For College Students

By | source:Jet Writers Aug 28th, 2015

Starting college can be both exhilarating and scary. Students must deal with a lot of assignments, home work, and term papers with strict deadlines on their own. To be productive and accomplish all of these tasks students need focus. There are ways to increase productivity, for most students simple and effective ways are the best. This infographic has 15 tips that will help students boost their productivity.

During my many years in college some of these tips become second nature. Starting with the first tip of creating a realistic to do list. I wrote down all the term papers, projects, test dates and then post the list next to my alarm clock so I would see it every day. The next tip that I used early in my college career was to learn to take notes. For me this was a two-step process, first was taking notes during class and second was organizing those notes after class. This next tip allowed me to go through a lot of reading material. I learned how to skim texts. For example some text book have summaries that highlights the important topic of each chapter.

College is hard and nobody is denying that fact. Using some of these tips can help all students. Don’t forget the last tip and leave room for things you love. Being a well-rounded students leads to memorable times at college.