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20 Common Ways We Make Bad Decisions

By | source:imgur Sep 22nd, 2015

“You’re only human” is a quote we hear all too often, but it’s in our nature to make bad decisions. Attributes likes the bandwagon effect or overconfidence we’ve heard of before. Groupthink can hurt creativity and individuality, but it can also have dangerous outcomes.

Not mentioned in the infographic below, but directly related to the bandwagon effect is SEP or Somebody Else’s Problem. This is when a large issue of concern is ignored by the masses because no one believes it is their responsibility to step in. This can happen a lot in large crowds like riots.

Another bad habit is the ostrich effect. You know the saying “bury our heads in the sand” to mean ignoring a problem. We do this all the time. Things aren’t going well at work, maybe we won’t check our email as often. A bad economy can lead people to ignore the stock market more as to not see how much money they’ve lost.