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20 Superfoods With Amazing Beauty Benefits

By | source:Here Jun 1st, 2017

Looks matter. As highly visual people, we all make an impression of someone based on how they look and act.   This feeds naturally into some of our own insecurities,  which we carefully try to hide. It could be freckles, pimples, unmanageable hair, a sharp nose, or something else.

The billion dollar beauty industry might take issue with this..but maybe there are other ways to look better.  We’ve all heard the old saying, you are what you eat.  What if instead of spending thousands of dollars on makeup and beauty treatments we might be able to improve how we look with food?

I’m probably going to remain a beauty product buyer, but finding a diet that might help clear up my skin would definitely be worth a try.  Especially if it’s longer lasting than the layer of paint I put on my face in the morning.

Today’s infographic dives into what may help rejuvenate nails, hair, skin, and teeth.  It’s a relief to see some fan favorites, like cheese, strawberries, and cashews.  Hopefully they can even work some beauty magic.