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20 Types of Tacos You Must Know

By | source:Here Dec 20th, 2023

Tacos are one of the most popular foods in the world, and there are many different types that you can try. Here’s a list of 20 types of tacos that we think you should know:


Carnitas are made from pork that is braised in lard, and they’re crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. They’re a popular taco filling because of their rich flavor and texture–the best carnitas have crispy edges and a juicy interior. To make them at home, you’ll need to start with a fatty cut of meat like pork shoulder or butt (or even better: if you have an outdoor grill or smoker, use it). The next step is to brown off your chosen cut until it’s golden brown all over (this will give us good flavor) before adding some onions, garlic cloves and bay leaves; then pour in enough water just barely cover your meat plus some salt so it doesn’t get too salty as it cooks over low heat for several hours until tender but not falling apart–it should look something like this when done! Once braised to perfection remove from heat then shred apart while still warm so there aren’t any big chunks left behind when eating later on.


Chorizo is a Mexican sausage that’s made from ground pork and beef, seasoned with cumin, garlic, salt and pepper. It can be cooked in a variety of ways–in tacos or burritos (like chorizo breakfast tacos), on its own as an appetizer or side dish (like chorizo con huevos), fried with eggs for breakfast or brunch (like huevos rancheros).


Shrimp tacos are delicious, low in calories and easy to make. They’re also a good source of protein and calcium. Here’s how you can make shrimp tacos at home:

  • Preheat the oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Heat some oil in a pan over medium heat, then add garlic and onion slices before adding crushed red pepper flakes and salt. Cook until the onions are translucent (about 3 minutes). Add sliced jalapenos followed by shrimp shells with bay leaves; continue cooking for about 5 minutes or until shells turn pinkish orange.* Turn off stovetop heat once done.* Remove shells from broth mixture along with bay leaves before transferring liquid into a food processor along with cilantro stems or leaves depending on preference.* Blend everything together until smooth then season mixture again with salt if necessary.* Place tortillas flat on baking sheet lined with parchment paper or foil sprayed lightly with nonstick cooking spray.* Spoon about 2 tablespoons worth of filling into center area where it will spread out slightly when folded over onto itself during cooking process; drizzle about 1 tablespoon worth of sauce over top before folding sides up around edges so everything stays inside while baking at high temperature throughout 30 minutes period until golden brown color appears underneath each taco shell (about 8 minutes per side).


Rajas is a taco made with roasted poblano peppers, onions and tomatoes. It’s also known as Rajas con queso (which means “rajas with cheese”) and can be served in any number of ways: on its own, in combination with other tacos or as part of an enchilada dish. Rajas was traditionally prepared by roasting fresh poblanos until they’re charred on the outside but still firm within; then they’re sliced open and stuffed with onions that have been sauteed until golden brown before being combined with tomatoes that have been charred over an open flame or under a broiler. The name Rajas comes from the Spanish word for ranchera–a type of traditional Mexican folk music played on guitar or banda de viento–to indicate that this dish was originally eaten by cowboys who worked in ranches throughout Mexico’s central valley region during their breaks from cattle ranching duties (hence why it’s often served alongside other Mexican dishes like tacos).


Barbacoa is a traditional Mexican dish that’s made with beef, which is slow cooked in a pit. The meat is then served with onion, cilantro and lime juice. This type of taco is popular in the south of Mexico where it originated from indigenous people who cooked their food underground using hot stones as heat sources. The barbacoa style taco can be found in many restaurants throughout Texas and California–but these states aren’t the only places where you can find them! You may also find barbacoa tacos at taquerias or Mexican restaurants near you!

Carne Asada

Carne asada is a type of taco that consists of grilled beef, onions and cilantro. It can be served in a tortilla or on a tostada. Pico de gallo and guacamole are common toppings for carne asada tacos.

Fried Fish

Fried fish tacos are made with battered and fried fish, served on a corn tortilla with cabbage, cilantro and onions. They often come with salsa verde. Fried fish tacos are popular in Baja California, Mexico.


Hongos are mushrooms. In Mexico, they’re typically served with a variety of toppings and fillings. They can be sautéed in oil or grilled and served with salsa verde or mole sauce. The most common type of hongo is portobello (also known as “the king of mushrooms”), but other varieties like shiitake work just as well–and sometimes better! Mushrooms are often part of traditional tacos al pastor because they complement the meat nicely: their earthy flavor adds depth to the taco without overpowering its other ingredients. You can also use them when making vegetarian versions by stuffing them with cheese (quesadilla-style), adding black beans and corn kernels for added texture, topping them with lettuce for freshness…the possibilities are endless!

Pollo Asada

Pollo asada is a grilled chicken taco. It’s often served with onions, cilantro and salsa on top. Pollo Asada is one of the most popular tacos in the US and can be found at just about any Mexican restaurant or street cart in America.


If you love tacos, there’s no doubt that you’ve tried them all. Whether it’s a traditional beef taco or one with chicken and salsa verde, tacos are one of the most popular foods in America. But did you know that there are many different kinds of tacos? In fact, there are more than 20 types of tacos! Here’s a look at some lesser-known varieties:

  • Korean: These delicious treats combine Mexican and Korean flavors for an incredible taste experience. They’re filled with bulgogi (barbecued beef), kimchi (fermented cabbage), sesame oil and more! They’re often served alongside kimchi as well–one bite into this amazing combination will have your taste buds singing praises for days on end!

Al Pastor

Al pastor is a pork dish that’s traditionally prepared with marinated pork, pineapple and chili powder. It originated in Mexico but is now popular throughout Latin America and the US. The name al pastor means “shepherd” in Spanish, which refers to its origins as an imitation of Middle Eastern kebabs made by Lebanese immigrants who settled in Mexico during the late 19th century. Al pastor tacos are typically served on corn tortillas with onion, cilantro and sometimes pineapple (depending on region). The meat should be cooked over charcoal until it has browned slightly and become crispy at the edges; this gives it a smoky taste that’s perfect with sweet fruit like pineapple!


Nopales is a cactus. Nopales are popular taco fillings in Mexico, and they’re also good for you! They’re filled with nutrients like vitamin C, potassium and iron–and they taste great too! You can eat them raw or cooked (in fact some people like them better cooked).

Ground Beef

Ground beef tacos are a classic. They’re the most popular taco in the United States, and you can find them on menus everywhere from your local taqueria to fast food joints like Taco Bell. Ground beef tacos usually combine ground beef with pork for an extra-flavorful bite–the best part of this mix is that it’s easy to make at home!

  • Ground beef tacos are served in either soft or hard shells (depending on what kind of restaurant you’re at), with toppings like cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and sour cream. They’re super easy to customize by adding pickled jalapenos or guacamole if you want extra spice; just ask your server what they have available before ordering so they know how much heat level goes into each bite!

So, what’s the takeaway? Well, there are a lot of different types of tacos out there. And if you want to try them all, we don’t blame you! But it does mean that you’ll have to do some research before heading out on your taco adventure. The best way to start is by finding which type(s) appeal most strongly to your taste buds–maybe carnitas or al pastor sound good right now? Then go ahead and try one or two of those before moving onto something else entirely new (like maybe pollo asada?). From here on out it’s just going with whatever sounds good at any given moment–and trust us when we say there will always be something delicious waiting for you at every stop along this culinary journey.