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2010 Social Media Wrap-up. Facebook Vs Twitter

By | source: Dec 28th, 2010

Saying that there is limited number of infographics we can post about Facebook would be a lie. Since we all use Facebook everyday, we can all look at facebook infographics over and over again right? Well, I couldn’t hear your answer to my question so I’m going to go with yes. I hope that’s okay.

Facebook gets all of the fame, movie deals and billions in funding, but this graphic is half about twitter too. The reason I like twitter so much is how it helps the users show their personality. Celebrities, brands, and companies are all not just some entity you’ll never interact with anymore. They all have their own personality that we can relate to… or not.

Facebook being 5 times bigger than twitter does come into account when comparing the two companies. The draw of facebook and ‘friends’ just blows twitter away. I follow at least twice the number of people who follow me. Where on facebook, everyone who is friends with a person ‘follows’ them back. I know that when I post a status, it will be seen by quite a few people who will want to comment on it, on twitter it just isn’t the same.

I recently read an article on how the social media bubble may burst. This technology is so new, no one knows if marketing on it will yield long-term results. It seems like every company, big and small, are hiring a social media guru to help with their public relations. Sure, having a presence on facebook alone will bring in more customers, but what happens with the new-car-smell of social media wears off? Nothing. Marketing on facebook and twitter will become more difficult, but not less prominent. A lot of hard-work, innovation and good relationships will be necessary to have a successful online strategy. Hiring some teenage-self-proclaimed social media wizard isn’t going to cut it. [Via]