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Saturday Snacking: Easy Chocolate Desserts

By | source:Here May 13th, 2017

All day every day, I could eat chocolate after (or for) every meal. Do you really need an excuse to incorporate chocolate in your diet?  I’ve actually heard that chocolate has a role to play in improving your mood, relieving stress, and promoting health.  I mean, it might as well be medical chocolate.

Most of these recipes require a little mixing, maybe a little measuring (see source link).  But some of them even sound a little healthy.  Chocolate chia pudding?  Sounds like something straight out of Whole Foods!

Chocolate fruit parfaits?  Another way to get my daily serving of fruits.  Frozen banana pops?  Just in time for summer.

The best part about this infographic is the reminder that chocolate can be paired with all kinds of textures and flavors!  Next time I’m looking to make that dessert tray fancier, I’ll go for one of these. Wondering if chocolate is good or bad?  Here are some myths and facts about chocolate.