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3 Tips For Super Sunday

By | source: Feb 4th, 2012

As one of the biggest sports holidays draws nearer, it’s time to begin preparations. Super Bowl Sunday has become a day of gluttony, the best football, and awesome commercials and having the perfect Super Bowl party is a high priority in many of my circles.

A year ago, I hosted my first Super Bowl party. Although, it is one I’d love to delete from my memory, I will not so I can share with you my missteps.

You need a big TV, simply. It is imperative that you are able to see the game you’ve invited everyone over to see.

Food at a Super Bowl party is  very important. One of the factors that contributed to the downfall of my soiree started with the food. According to the infographic, the top food choices are pizza, chips, and chicken. As long as you stick to those menu items, your party will be money.

I’ll also mention to be sure and include top notch party participants only. I made the mistake of inviting a party pooper instead of a party rocker a year ago. Before you extend those invites, picture yourself watching every guest eat chicken fingers. If you are not moved to feelings of nausea from that image, that person may be allowed to attend.

Tomorrow afternoon is setting up to be a great day. Comment with your game predictions and favorite commercials of years past. I’m thinking New England 34-28. Go. [Via]