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3x Fewer People Using 8x More Water

By | source: Dec 30th, 2012

For Christmas this year, my great aunt gave the gift of donations to a mission helping those who do not have access to drinking water. In some countries, many hours are spent everyday getting water that might not even be safe to drink. While todayâ??s infographic focuses on a part of Americansâ?? ecological footprint, it is largely connected to those across seas who are not as fortunate as we.

The water crisis is affecting the world in many different ways and is an issue that needs more attention. As the infographic points out, less than one percent of the earthâ??s water is drinkable, and a lot of people do not have easy access to it. What would the possibilities be for the populations having to deal with this everyday if they did have access to water that would not cause disease or illness? The organization Charity Water would argue that the possibilities are endless as they assert that water affects everything.

So, with this infographic, perhaps you will be able to focus more on your daily impact on the water crisis. Itâ??s a frightening thing to contemplate, but our usage of resources affect each other greatly, especially when having to do with water. More for me equals less for you, and vise versa. If this topic interests you, I have put an informational video at the bottom by Charity Water. Have a good rest of your weekend and Happy New Year! [via]