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40 Ways Dogs Are The Ultimate Companion For Kids

By | source:Here Nov 17th, 2019

Dogs have long been known as man’s best friend.  And what about kids? They can keep kids from crying, make them laugh, fetch toys, follow them around as personal chaperones, do sniff health checks, and protect babies even if it means risking its own life.

In return, kids have a reliable and true friend who is a non-judgmental listener, always willing to offer company, someone to share interests and activities. Dogs do all that and much more. They teach children about empathy, how to cope with stressful situations, learn and explore the world through touch, develop emotional intelligence and how to enjoy the world around them.

That’s not all though. Research has shown that babies who grow up around dogs are much healthier due to stronger immune systems. Furthermore, since a dog’s saliva is antibacterial, therefore, they keep babies free of germs simply by licking them or kissing them.

So, go ahead and discover all the ways a dog can be a companion for child.   A dog will never ask for any compensation in exchange for being with a child, except for maybe a big hug.  While you wouldn’t be leaving your dog alone with a baby, dogs do provide great company.

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