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50 Dirt Cheap Cities For A Romantic Getaway

By | source:Here Jul 16th, 2018

With Amazon Prime Day deals kicking off today, it may be easy to get caught up in the rabbit hole of accumulating material things.  But if you’re looking for happiness beyond gadgets and toys, psychologists say to have experiences, instead of buying things.  
A getaway gives you a chance to escape for relaxation.  Travel costs can stack up though, with airfare, hotel, food, and even tour costs.  Clearly the less strapped you are for cash, the better.  If you’re trying to plan a getaway for two, you might be pleasantly surprised by hidden gems amongst these 50 cities.  If you’re a foodie, you’ll be happy to know that an average meal for two in Kiev, Krakow, or Sofia costs less than $20. 

Not all of these places have brand name recognition, like Chania on the island of Crete in Greece, or Marmaris in Turkey.   But you can get a room at Andorra la Vella, Istanbul or Riga for less than $90 per night. These places don’t come with historic landmarks like the Eiffel tower or the London Eye, but especially if you’re traveling from within Europe these destinations are a steal!   

Sometimes you just want to get away with your partner, but there are also like-minded people to find if you’re game to make new friends.