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60 Ways To Help The Planet Without Spending A Dime

By | source:Here Nov 18th, 2018

Saving the planet doesn’t need to be an expensive task. We can preserve our world, starting with small individual acts.

We often hear that technology and transportation are the leading causes of pollution. However, there are plenty of everyday actions and habits that burden our planet and devour precious resources. Reduce your impact on the earth by finding ways to go green. 

Easy steps, like using cold water for laundry and cleaning out the dryer lint screen, save energy and resources. Go the extra step by drying your clothes outside on a clothesline. You could replace vinyl shower curtains with PVC-free plastic, cloth, or bamboo to cut down on air pollution. Many of your household product choices should include green options that help, not hurt, our planet. Choose cloth napkins over paper napkins. Or buy cotton swabs with paper sticks instead of plastic.

Go through this list of 60 items and pick several ways that you can start reducing your footprint. You don’t need to spend money to save the planet. With conscious decisions that keep us aware of how our choices affect the earth, we can help make the planet better for future generations. We need all the help we can get considering significant events, like the Olympic Games, affect our environment.