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7 Negotiation Techniques that Never Fail

By | Mar 18th, 2022

Negotiation isn’t just something that ambassadors and heads of state do, it’s part of our daily lives.

Many commonplace interactions involve negotiation, whether we realize it or not. Unless you are alone on the road, the very act of driving is a constant negotiation. The tips in this infographic won’t help you with deciding who’s going first at a stop sign, but in any negotiation situation where you can talk to the other party, you’ll get good advice here.

Deciding what to get for dinner can be surprisingly stressful. I think the one to ten rating system is a genius idea. If my desire for Italian is a level 4 but my friend is at a 7 for burgers, I’ll gladly concede the point and happily eat a burger. When the steaks (pun intended) are higher than picking a meal, being prepared becomes much more important. Knowing your counterpart and your own desires well will put you in a good position.

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